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1   –>See More An all-out opportunity: The great outdoors Discover the great outdoors and an extensive selection of Avery Dennison label materials designed to perform and help drive opportunities for your business.
1 Investors News Avery Dennison Completes Hanita Coatings Acquisition Read More
1 M&A; News Avery Dennison To Acquire Yongle Tape Company LTD. Read More
1 CleanFlake™ Labels that conserve resources and improve yields associated with PET recycling.
1 DirectLink™ Directly connect customers to your brand by using NFC technology and DirectLink solutions to reach them from your smartphone.
1 Select Solutions™ Highly Specialized Solutions for unique labeling challenges.
1 High Performance Primax® and FasClear® Films Giving manufacturers, converters and brand owners a fully conformable film solution that dispenses at high speeds for challenging applications.
1 Creative Services - Insights and Trends Our worldwide creative services team are experts at bringing unique ideas to life that help elevate a brand's consumer appeal and value.
1 Brand Embellishments Bring your brand to life with innovative embellishments that increase consumer appeal and value.
1 Graphic Tickets, Tags and Labels Target your consumer with the right mood, color and style.
1 RFID A global leader in RFID-enabled technologies with more than 800 patents and applications, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities located around the world.
1 TrafficJet Print System – Request a Demo Offers colored, eco-solvent inkjet printing with long-term durability and warranted sheeting performance.
1 Transport Conspicuity Markings Increased safety results in reduced liability payments and additional savings for your fleet.
1 Supreme Wrapping Film We created a simple, fast and cost-effective way for car owners to change a vehicle's appearance.
1 TurnLock™ Laminating System One roll, protected label graphic solutions that improve material cost, operational efficiency and sustainability.
1 Personal Care Closure Solutions Driving innovations for diaper closures and personal care packaging adhesives, our exceptionally broad portfolio of nonwoven tape solutions covers the broad range of diaper tiers.
1 HPA™ – High Performance Acrylic Tapes Cost-effective high performance acrylic tapes for demanding applications with superior performance on engineered plastics.
1 AFB™ – Acrylic Foam Bond Our versatile acrylic foam bond portfolio of solutions are suitable for a wide range of component assembly, mounting and fixation applications.
1 BeneHold™ Absorbent Wound Dressing Portfolio Support moist wound healing. Personalize treatment. Enhance the patient experience.
1 Wall Graphics Our wall graphic films are uniquely flexible, making it easy to liven up the exterior or interior of any building.
1 Window Perfs These films offer one-way visibility and light transmission while you deliver your message to thousands of consumers day and night on busses, taxis or buildings.
1 Fleet Graphics Cars, trucks, buses, boats - the supreme application characteristics of our removable short-term and long-term fleet graphics can turn any vehicle into a creative statement.
1 FreshMarx® 9417 Printer Label your prepped food quickly and accurately by eliminating the need for employees to reference shelf-life charts and manually calculate expiration time / dates.
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